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Unblock iPhone (part of Factory-Unlock.com)

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Many iphones are sold "locked" to a specific network or networks. Most often it is Pay As You Go phones that are locked, but sometimes Pay Monthly mobiles are locked too. It is possible to obtain unlock codes for mobile phones so that they can be used with a sim card from another network. The phone networks will do this for you (at a price!), but you can do it cheaper online using our factory phone unlocking service. Once your phone has been unlocked, you can then use it with any network, provided that you have a valid SIM card.

The easiest way to officially unlock your iphone is by using the factory unlocking service that will help you unblock/unlock from the network. We offer this unique solution which will permanently unlock your iphone from the network such as AT&T, Orange UK, Vodafone UK, T-Mobile and many more other networks in the world. Your iphone will be officially unlocked via iTunes/ Apple's database and it is safe 100% legal. Officially factory unlocked iphones then will be updated to future IOS releases without problems being locked up again comparing to unofficial software unlocking procedure.

The way it works is like this:

You need to find out the 15-digit IMEI number on your mobile (type *#06# into your phone to do this or look under the battery slot at the back of yoru phone). You then supply this number to us and we will start the official factory unlocking procedure via Apple's official database. We will provide this service distantly and we will let you know by email with the result of the unlocking which is more convenient than having to wait for the unlock code in the post.

Factory Unlocked iPhone is an iPhone which officially unlocked by Apple. This model is permanently unlocked. Neither software hack nor turbo-sim needed after restore/update iPhone firmware. You can use it as a phone anywhere there is a carrier that supports GSM or UMTS/HSDPA 3G format with any SIM-card.
You don’t need to Unlock your iPhone whenever its software get updated.
The IMEI number has been registered and marked as Unlocked in Apple’s Database. Hence, you can enjoy to update firmware without need to worry if your iPhone will be re-locked again.

How do I unlock my iPhone 3/3GS/4/4S/5 from UK networks?
1. Enter your iPhone's IMEI (15 digits long) in the box below (Save it before adding to cart)
2. Click on Add to cart, and Checkout with your selected payment preference.
3. Once we have received your payment we will then process your order.
4. Within 1-10 working days we will contact you to let you know your iPhone is now ready for unlocking through iTunes.
5. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed on your computer, and the latest firmware version installed on your iPhone.
6. All you have to do then is connect your iPhone (switched on with a non accepted SIM card) to your computer via a sync cable.
7. Open iTunes.
8. Wait for iTunes to detect the phone.
9. Then disconnect the phone and reconnect it after 10 seconds.
10. Wait for a while, and iTunes will say "Congratulations, your iPhone is now unlocked".
11. Your iPhone is now unlocked permanently!


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